Power source CEA CONVEX 325 PULSE

The power sources of the CONVEX PULSE series are characterized by synergistic digital control and inverter technology, integrated in a strong and functional metal construction.
Common Characteristics
Technologically advanced, robust and easy to use, they allow high quality welding in the following methods
- Impulse MIG / MAG
- MIG / MAG with double puse
- TIG in "Lift" mode

The machines in this series have very easy to adjust welding parameters, which makes them suitable for operators with little experience. After selecting the desired program, the welding control automatically sets the best parameters, based on the type of material, the diameter of the wire and the gas used (know-how, the result of 70 years of CEA experience).
These power sources are the best choice in all industrial areas, for all applications requiring accuracy and repeatability of welding results. They are especially suitable for light production works and car service activities.

• Digital control of welding parameters with synergistic curves, preset according to the type of material used, gas and wire diameter.
• Ability to save up to 99 own programs
• Smart "PROGRAM" button for quick selection of each program
• Professional four-roll wire feeder, with a large diameter of the rollers, for precise and constant movement of the wire
• Rollers with two channels, for easy replacement without tools
• "Energy saving" function, to activate the cooling fan only when necessary
• possibility for partial or complete locking of the equipment with an access password
• Reduced energy consumption.
• Automatic troubleshooting diagnostics.
• Robust main metal construction and protective cover of the wire feeder.
• Control of the beginning of the seam and the filling of the crater.

"VISION.ARC" function - a special development of "CEA", providing control of the welding arc - short, stable and precise, regardless of changes in external conditions.
Technical Data
Input Voltage 50/60 Hz400  V
Input Power @ I2 Max17  kVA
Delayed Fuse (l eff)25  A
Power Factor / cos ф0.66/0.99 
Efficiency Degree0.87 
Open circuit voltage63  V
Current range10-320  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 100%280  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 60%300  A
Protection Class23  IP
Dimensions660x290x515  mm
Weight42  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

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