Multiprocess inverter BOHLER URANOS 2000 SMC

Multiprocess inverte BOHLER URANOS 2000 SMC with MIG/MAG torch and work cable
Common Characteristics
Multiprocess inverter suitable for all welding applications requiring reliability, high quality and performance.

- change of welding polarity: suitable for all welding processes and various welding wire:
- TIG welding
- MMA and MMA with synergistic lines based on the material and type of electrode
- welding with all standard functions
- color display, allows you quick and easy settings: body speed, current, thickness,etc.
- graphical representation of all parameters
- useful graphics for professional weldng
- 14 Synergistic MIG / MAG programs
- a library of 14 synergistic programs
- synergistic menu with all materials: iron, alloys, stainless steel,aluminium
- You can change the synergistic parameters of the program and create up to 8 specific tasks
- digital arc control with adaptive function: perfect in all conditions
- compact, multifunctional and low consumpton
- weight less than 15 kg: easily portable
- suitable for all environments: workshops, buildings, factories
- equipped with patented green @ wave technology, the lowest consumption in the category
Technical Data
Voltage (50/60 Hz)1x230±15%  V
Slow blow line fuse25  A
Adjustment range MIG/MAG5-200  A
Adjustment range TIG5-200  A
Adjustment range MMA5-180  A
Duty cycle MMA 35%, 40 °C180  А
Duty cycle MMA 60%, 40 °C150  А
Duty cycle MMA 100%, 40 °C115  А
Duty cycle TIG 35%, 40 °C200  А
Duty cycle TIG 60%, 40 °C170  А
Duty cycle TIG 100%, 40 °C140  А
Duty cycle MIG/MAG 35%, 40 °C200  А
Duty cycle MIG/MAG 60%, 40 °C160  А
Duty cycle MIG/MAG 100%, 40 °C130  А
Напрежение на празен ход58  V
Insulation class23  S
Dimensions500x210x400x  mm
Weight12.8  kg