Power Source MIG/MAG CEA MAXIQ 400 W

The MAXIQ series inverters are the latest evolutionary solution for high quality equipment for MIG / MAG welding. They are integrated in a robust metal construction, with simple digital control and high quality welding characteristics.
Common Characteristics
These power sources are the best choice in all industrial areas, for all qualified applications, such as medium and large production works, shipbuilding and steel structures.
With its HYBRID SYNERGIC mode, you always have the best feedback throughout the welding process, thus providing the same welding characteristics as state-of-the-art equipment in manual MIG mode. This control is something absolutely innovative in the world of welding. While maintaining the welding equipment in manual adjustment, HYBRID SYNERGIC - depending on the material and the diameter of the wire used determines the best response in terms of starting and feeding the wire, throughout the welding cycle.
SMART LED ASSISTANT: In addition, the intelligent LED signal helps less skilled operators to set the most appropriate welding parameters.

• Two modes of MIG / MAG welding - manual and HYBRID SYNERGIC;
• All parameters are controlled digitally directly from the wire feeder;
• "Hybrid Synergic PRE SET" key for the best welding characteristics according to the type of material and wire used;
• High strength due to the strong metal base structure;
• "Energy saving" function for activating the fan for cooling the power source and water cooling of the burner, only when necessary;
• Excellent ignition of the arc, always precise and efficient;
• Final crater control;
• Burn-Back control;
• Reduced energy consumption;
• Function for automatic problem diagnosis;
• MAXIQ W is equipped with a built-in water cooler.
• MAXIQs are equipped as standard with analog-to-digital I / O. This allows the energy source to be integrated very easily into automated welding equipment, without the expensive and complex external interfaces usually required for robotics.

Wire feed MF 4 and MF 4W:
• 4 rolls with large diameter;
• Rollers with double channel, replaceable without tool;
• Wire rolls with a diameter up to 300 mm;
• Revision window of the cover for the wire roll;
Technical Data
400  V
10-400  A
400  А
310  А
270  А
23  S
1040 x 950 x 495  mm
78  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications