Welding inverer CEA TREO 181

Single phase synergic multiprocess inverter compact power sources.
Common Characteristics
TREO, with a simpler interface offer high quality welding characteristics on all materials and mostly on stainless steel, aluminium and zinc coated steel, by really minimizing any reworking job caused by spatters.
Versatile, light, easy-to-carry and user friendly, TREO power sources, because of their high technological conception, are unique in any external and internal maintenance application, car body repair, agriculture and light fabrication work.
Supports the following welding methods:
- TIG Lift

- digital control of the welding parameters with synergic curves preset;
- user friendly and easy-to-use selection and recalling of the parameters and programs;
- built-in polarity changeover facility;
- smart “PROGRAM” key for quickly selecting any program;
- professional wire feeding mechanism with ф 37 mm large rolls;
- double groove rolls replaceable without any tool;
- kit for O 300 mm coils (optional).

Complete with: C 15 3m CEA torch, 16 mm2 / 3 m Ground cable and rolls for wire ф 0.6 - 0.8 mm.
Technical Data
Input Voltage 50/60 Hz230  V
Input Power @ I2 Max6,4-8,2  kVA
Delayed Fuse (l eff)16,  A
Power Factor / cos ф0.67/0,99 
Efficiency Degree0,82 
Open circuit voltage80  V
Current range10-180  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 100% MIG/MAG75  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 60% MIG/MAG100  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) X% MIG/MAG180 (15%)  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 100% TIG75  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 60% TIG100  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) X% TIG180 (15%)  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 100% MMA75  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 60% MMA100  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) X% MMA150 (15%)  A
Protection Class23S  IP
Dimensions500x220x425  mm
Weight14,5  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications