Welding inverter CEA, CONVEX MOBILE 255 PULSE

Common Characteristics
Digital control of the welding parameters with synergic curves preset according to used type of material, gas and wire diameter
Ability to store personalized welding parameters up to 99 JOBS
“ Smart PROGRAM” key for quickly selecting any program
Feeding mechanism with 4 rolls of large diameter for a precise and constant wire driving
Double groove rolls replaceable without any tool
“Energy saving” function to operate the power source cooling fan and torch water cooling only when necessary
Excellent arc striking always precise and efficient
Ability to partially or totally lock the equipment with access key by password
Reduced energy consumption
Trouble shooting auto-diagnosis feature
Initial and final crater control
VRD – Voltage Reduction Device
vision.ARC is the innovative welding arc control developed by CEA granting a short arc extremely stable and precise in spite of any change of the external conditions. vision.ARC ensures outstanding performances, impossible to be obtained by traditional power sources.

vision.PULSE permits a short arc pulse welding, constantly controlled, by optimizing the results of traditional pulse welding. This enables to reduce the high heat input, typical in pulse welding, with a consequent reduction in distortions, an improvement in the puddle and considerable increase in welding speed too.

Dual Pulse favours a further reduction in the heat transfer to the workpiece by minimizing its deformation and produces premium quality aesthetic beads similar to TIG finishing.
Dual Pulse is extremely useful mostly when welding aluminium and stainless steel.
Technical Data
Input Voltage 50/60 Hz400  V
Input Power @ I2 Max8.5 - 11  kVA
Delayed Fuse (l eff)10 - 16  A
Power Factor / cos ф0,69/0,99 
Efficiency Degree0.89 
Open circuit voltage60  V
Current range5-250  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 100% MIG/MAG180  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 60% MIG/MAG200  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) X% MIG/MAG250(35%)  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 100% TIG180  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 60% TIG200  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) X% TIG250(35%)  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 100% MMA180  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 60% MMA200  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) X% MMA250(35%)  A
Protection Class23S  IP
Dimensions650x300x388  mm
Weight21  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

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