CEA N 12 400V with Annealing jaws

Resistance butt welder N 12
Common Characteristics
Especially designed for wire drawing mills for joining steel, brass, aluminium and copper rods and are recommended for non heavy duty applications.
N 12 model is standard supplied with the annealing function and four wheel trolley. Jaws opening and closing is fitted with lever operated jaws.
Upon request all models of this series can be supplied with a grinding wheel.

• Easy-to-use.
• High reliability.
• Movable jaw by bearings for very precise sliding with low friction to achieve quality welding.
• Manually operated.
• Welding upset adjustment.
• Welding power adjustment.
• Movable jaw by bearing guides.
• Graduated scale to easily adjust jaws opening.
• Grinding wheel with magneto-thermal switch and blackout safety protection device.
Technical Data
Single phase input50/60 Hz400  V
Nominal maximum power4  kVA
Max. welding power18  kVA
Installed power4  kVA
Cross section connecting cables2.5  mm2
Fuse(delayed action)10  A
Secondary voltage2.4  V
Secondary short circuit current10  kA
Electrode force at 600kPa (6bar)10  kA
Electrode force at 600kPa (6bar)200  daN
Uspetting force80  daN
Max. capacity on mild steel150  mm2
Dimensions770х660х1120  mm
Weight80  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications