Seam resistance welder CEA RT 180 2T

Seam resistance welding machine.
Common Characteristics
RT – RL Seam welders range are standard supplied for monophase mains connection. Three phase versions, also with Medium Frequency inverter (1000 Hz), are available for special applications. Medium frequency machine grants high speed welding and enables to join hardly weldable parts with reduced deformation. The wide range of the equipment configurations enables to obtain water tight seam welding of cylinders, fire estinguishers, radiators, tanks and similar items with excellent quality results.

RT models for transversal welding
Water cooled seams heads in mercury bath
Synchronous electronic control (power + spot and pause regulation)
Technical Data
Single phase input50/60 Hz400  V
Nominal maximum power180  kVA
Installed power180  kVA
Fuse(delayed action)400  A
Secondary voltage9.5  V
Electrode force at 600kPa (6bar)1200  daN
Water consumption at 300kPa(3bar)7  l/min
Max. capacity on mild steel2+2  mm2
Dimensions1450х800х2100  mm
Weight1540  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications