Spot Projection welding machine CEA MF 1040

The MF Inverter spot welders.
Common Characteristics
The most enhanced inverter technology for medium frequency spotwelding available for everyone. These equipment – fitted with new inverters with WSI 100 and FILIUS COMPACT controls – represent a valid solution for anybody looking for all Medium Frequency benefits in both spotwelding applications and nut projection welding too. MF 1040 and 1041 models allow to monitor the whole welding process every 1 ms (1000 Hz).
The MF Inverter spot welders suitable for both spot and projection welding, fully meet the mass production toughest industrial applications. Thanks to their features, they are particulary suitable for welding very thin thickness, metals hardly weldable such as copper, brass, aluminium alloys or zinc coated steels, etc., also whenever different metals are to be joined.
Main advantages versus traditional 50 Hz equipment are: fast millisecond current regulation, constant current control, high quality, symmetrical mains load and perfect control of the energy transferred to the weld nugget.

Technical advantage:
• Direct current
• High quality joints
• No welding power losses with increased arm lengths
• The presence of magnetic materials between the arms does not affect the welding
• Long electrode life
• Highest efficiency
• Reduced welding time
• MF medium-frequency
• Monitoring of the welding process every 1 millisecond (1000 Hz) / 0.2 milliseconds (5000 Hz) versus traditional 20 millisecond (50 Hz).
• Shorter welding times and lower welding current, by saving approx 30% mains consumption
• Quick upsloping to the preset welding current
• Less thermal loss through the workpiece and electrodes
• Less imprint and deformation
• WSI 100 control panel
WSI 100 control panel, in addition to the traditional adjustments, allows the operator to control the welding process in different modes: direct current and imposed limits.
Other properties of WSI 100 control are the ability to manage up to 64 welding programs and graphically view the current and welding time.
Technical Data
Single phase input50/60 Hz400  V
Nominal maximum power40  kVA
Installed power40  kVA
Cross section connecting cables35  mm2
Fuse(delayed action)63  A
Secondary voltage5  V
Secondary short circuit current22  kA
Max.welding current20  kA
Electrode force at 600kPa (6bar)5.4  kA
Electrode force at 600kPa (6bar)470  daN
Water consumption at 300kPa(3bar)6  l/min
Dimensions1070x430x1520  mm
Weight260  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications