Particularly studied for spot welding.
Common Characteristics
Particularly studied for spot welding, PPS model fully satisfy a wide range of the heaviest large production industrial applications. Equipped with microprocessor control, solenoid valve, upon request they can be fitted with safety concomitant side buttons and any special configurations.

• Excellent welding on all weldable metals
• Synchronous ignition SCR group with phase shift welding current adjustment to eliminate switching transistors
• Thermostatic protection on the SCR group
• High welding currents with low consumption
• Self-lubricated pneumatic components to eliminate oil deposits and to safeguard the environment from contaminants
• Water cooled secondary circuit, i.e. electrodes, electrodeholders, platens and transformer, to avoid any overheating
• Water cooled copper electrodeholders with adjustable height
• Electrode force adjustable by pressure reducer group equipped with a manometer and filter for automatic air impurity expulsion
• Upper electrode movement by self-lubricated double effect pneumatic cylinder fitted with speed regulator, end stroke shock-absorber and silencer for compressed air discharge
• Manual valve for upper head descent without pressure for cleaning, centering and ordinary maintenance of the electrodes
• Solenoid valve to control welding cylinder
• Cycle stop emergency button.

PPS 35 and PPS 60:
Lower round arm with adjustable height and lateral adjustment.
Inferior arm holder can be rotated for use with larger arm gap.
Technical Data
Single phase input50/60 Hz400  V
Nominal maximum power35  kVA
Max. welding power69  kVA
Installed power20  kVA
Cross section connecting cables25  mm2
Fuse(delayed action)63  A
Secondary voltage4.5  V
Secondary short circuit current19  kA
Max.welding current15.2  kA
Electrode force at 600kPa (6bar)3.9  kA
Electrode force at 600kPa (6bar)230  daN
Water consumption at 300kPa(3bar)6  l/min
Dimensions1005x410x1425  mm
Weight200  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications