Welding inverter for TIG AC/Dc
Common Characteristics
Heavy duty and enviromental conditions, high service life
CAN fieldbus digital communication protocol system (very high speed and high reliability digital communication)
Software based controls can be upgraded as new features become available
Reduced dimensions and compact construction
High temperature, shockproof, abrasion resistant plastic case
Air flow ducting and fully encapsulated PC board to avoid dust contamination
Energy-saving inverter technology (built-in P.F.C. - power factor controller)
Full digital and user-friendly LCD graphic display control panel
Welding parameters digital display
Last job settings auto-storage at switch-off
Totally programmable user interface
Control of several welding units over Ethernet
Totally welding process remote programming and management by PC network
Ideal for stick welding with multiple types of popular electrodes
Built-in adjustable arc control features (hot start, arc force, antisticking)
Bi-Level operating mode
Pulsed and fast pulsed operating mode (2500 Hz)
AC waveform selection (Square, Triangle, Sinusoidal, Mixed)
AC frequency adjustment 200 Hz
Precise arc striking and high stability arc (fuzzy logic)
Electrode tip rounding controlled by easy rounding functionality
Easy joining
Manual restart or downslope stop functions
“Extra energy” setting for deeper penetration
Lock-unlock function key protected by password
User-defined welding program storage capability (64 free memory locations)
Power source trolley for easy system manoeuvrability
Low noise
Linear controlled fan on demand
Current socket (panel) 50 / 70 mm?
WU cooling unit compatible
Controlled cooling operations
Technical Data
Voltage (50/60 Hz)1x230  V
Slow blow line fuse20  A
Adjustment range TIG3-220  A
Duty cycle MMA - 35 %180  A
Duty cycle MMA - 60 %150  A
Duty cycle MMA - 100 %130  A
Duty cycle TIG - 35 %220  A
Duty cycle TIG - 60 %170  A
Duty cycle TIG - 100 %150  A
IP protection rate23  S
Dimensions500x190x400  mm
Weight18.8  kg