Inverter ESAB Renegade ET 300iP EU

Inverter ESAB Renegade ET 300iP for HF TIG applications and MMA.. Maybe with water cooled or air cooled system.
Common Characteristics
(HF) start sequence, which guarantees no tungsten inclusions. Switch to LiftTIG for applications where HF is not permitted.
Pulse TIG – For TIG welding on thin material, choose the ET 300iP and use the pulse functionality with a frequency of up to 999 Hz for superior arc handling, controlled heat input, and increased travel speed.
TIG settings – Use the dual-current mode trigger functionality to switch between two output current levels which controls the heat input and size of the weld pool. The background current is set as a percentage of the weld current and changes accordingly.
Adjust pre- and post-gas flow easily for protection of the weld and tungsten electrode. Adjust slope up/ slope down for maximum weld quality.
Extreme flexibility – In mere minutes and without tools, Renegade goes from a water-cooled system hooked up to a trolley to an air-cooled portable machine.
Technical Data
Mains supply230/1; 230-480/3VAC  V/Ph
Setting range, MMA5-300  A
Setting range, TIG5-300  A
Maximum output 40% duty cycle300  A
Maximum output 60% duty cycle250  A
Maximum output 100% duty cycle200  A
Maximum output 40% duty cycle, MMA300  A
Maximum output 60% duty cycle, MMA250  A
Maximum output 100% duty cycle, MMA200  A
Enclosure classIP23 
Dimensions, LxWxH460x200x320  mm x mm x mm
Weight17  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications