Power source CEA MATRIX 2200 HF

Powerful, compact and lightweight, the MATRIX 2200 HF is highly efficient and technologically advanced for TIG welding, for all qualified welding applications and maintenance tasks when power, precision and portability are required.
Common Characteristics
With it you can weld non-alloy and stainless steel, copper and its alloys. The convenient digital control provides stability of the welding parameters and high quality of welding both at TIG, and at REDZ, with any electrodes.

• Digital control of all welding parameters.
• PFC (Power Factor Correction) - power factor correction.
• High load cycle: (40 ° C) 150 A at 60% for TIG, 150 A at 100% for REDZ.
• Low energy consumption (-30%).
• High reliability when working with generators.
• Suitable for use with power cables longer than 100 m.
• Automatic compensation of fluctuations of the mains supply voltage within + 20% / -20%
• Digital ammeter and voltmeter with preset welding current and function for holding the last read value.
• "Energy saving" function, to activate the cooling fan only when necessary.
• Three-pulse mode for TIG welding: standard equipped with slow, fast pulse mode (0.5 - 2000 Hz) and synergistic “SYN PULSE”.
• Possibility to activate the VRD function: to reduce the voltage in the open circuit below 12V.
• The “CYCLE” function allows continuous switching between two pre-selected current values.
• Ability to save up to 9 own programs.
• Possibility for parameter adjustments and selection for the set programs directly from the Up / Down burner, as an option.
• Protective cover on the control panel.
• Metal main construction with impact-resistant front panel.
• Light weight and size, easy to carry.
• Compact water cooler HR 22, optional.
• "Multi-coldTACK" function - provides precise and safe spot welding, minimum amount of energy input through fast, consistent, cold spot welding. Thanks to the "Perfect-Point" and "coldTACK" functions, precise positioning of the spot welds is obtained.
Technical Data
Single phase input 50/60 Hz230±20%  V
Input power @ I2 Max6 - 6.6  kVA
Delayed Fuse I2 100%16  A
Power factor / cos ф0.99 
Efficiency Degree0.83 
Open circuit voltage100  V
Current range5-220  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 60%190  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 100%160  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 30%220  A
StandartsEN 60974-1 • EN 60974-3 • EN 60974-10 
Protection Class23 S  IP
Insulation Class
Dimensions465x185x390  mm
Weight14  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications