Welding inverter BOHLER TERRA 270 TLH

TERRA 270 TLH is a strong, light and reliable three-phase inverter power source, providing excellent welding results.
Common Characteristics
With its control panel, with easy-to-use functions, it is also suitable for less experienced operators. It offers the following welding methods:
• TIG DC – direct current TIG welding, with high-frequency ignition of the arc
• TIG DC Lift start – direct current TIG welding, with contact ignition of the arc
• MMA (Electrode)

The digital control panel of the TERRA 270TLH is simple and intuitive to operate. With it, all welding parameters, processes and the type of TIG welding current (constant, pulsed and fast pulsed) are set.

• DC pulsed TIG welding – easy control of inlet temperature and weld pool.
• DC Pulse and Fast Pulse – minimizes the effective heating area especially for thin surfaces.
• Ability to weld carbon, stainless steels, cast iron, nickel and nickel alloys, copper and copper alloys, titanium and titanium alloys.
• Suitable for outdoor work under any working conditions.
• Very high output at 100% duty cycle.
• Excellent results even when working with a longer power cord.
• Technology providing complete protection of the boards from dust and contamination by encapsulation.
• Easy to use digital control panel.
• Built-in VRD device – to reduce open circuit voltage below 12V.
• Built-in arc control features:
• Hot start - function to optimize the start of welding.
• Arc Force – a function to change the welding current in accordance with changes in the length of the welding arc.
• Antisticking – a function preventing the electrode from sticking.
• Automatically save the settings of the last used welding mode.
• Two-stroke and four-stroke mode of operation.
• Synergic setting for optimal stick welding with multiple types of electrodes.
• Additional fine-tuning of Pulse and Super Pulse;
• Time for subsequent gas flow;
• Smooth increase and decrease of the current;
Technical Data
Voltage (50/60 Hz)3 х 400Vac ±15%  V
Slow blow line fuse16  A
Adjustment range MMA3-270  A
Adjustment range TIG3-270  A
Duty cycle MMA - 40 %270  A
Duty cycle MMA - 60 %255  A
Duty cycle MMA - 100 %240  A
Duty cycle TIG - 60 %270  A
Duty cycle TIG - 100 %250  A
IP protection rate23  S
Dimensions500x190x400  mm
Weight16.1  kg