lasma nitrided welding table Siegmund System 16 Basic with dimensions 1200x800 mm

The welding tables of the Siegmund System Basic 16 are an economical and suitable solution for easy applications, with a small weight of about 1000 kg, with standard legs. Thanks to the distance between the holes of 50 mm, you can easily capture even small details.
Common Characteristics
Characteristics of plasma nitrided tables:
• Thickness of the material approx. 11.5 - 13 mm
• Boreholes - diameter 16 mm, located in horizontal and vertical rows
• Boreholes on the surface 50х50 mm
• Borehole spacing of table side 50 mm
• Side board of the table with a width of 50 mm
• Holes for fixing on the side board - diameter 16 mm
• Plasma-nitrided coating - hardened top layer, protected against welding splashes and with increased resistance to wear
• BAR coating - additional coating on the table against rust
• Table height with legs: 850 mm
• Leg height: 815 mm

Special Plasma Nitrated Coating:
All tables in Siegmund's professional series are equipped with this special coating - a new generation of coating on the welding table top, achieved by plasma nitriding. The technology has been developed as a result of many years of research, numerous tests and serious efforts, consistency and investment.

Features and benefits
Improved physical and mechanical properties of the table top.
• Extremely high strength performance and increased corrosion resistance.
• Without sticking the welding splashes on the table surface or in the openings.
• Plasma nitrided coating makes the table mass a very easy to maintain and at the same time reliable partner in everyday work.
• Undoubted advantage over other materials, ensuring high quality and professional work.

BAR coating - a new coating that further protects the surface from rust and welding splashes, in addition makes the surface smoother.