Rotating table height adjustable for System 28 1000x1000 mm

Height-adjustable rotary table by Siegmund.
Common Characteristics
The Siegmund height-adjustable rotary table provides space saving and an ergonomic working base. By turning the hob, you can constantly adjust the working height. Use the side locking lever to lock the position on the desktop.
The basic "stationary" frame is available with sturdy Basic worktops for a secure stand.
Maximum load capacity Basic frame "stationary" or "movable": 1000 kg (without top).

tool steel X8.7,
plasma nitrided, BAR-coated
Holes O 28 mm
Holes on the surface in a diagonal grid
Material thickness approx. 24.5 - 27 mm
Working height between 780 mm and 1100 mm
Weight: 245 kg