Siegmund M-Positioner MP 500 (without U-Square)

Higher productivity, more pleasant work.
Common Characteristics
Weight: 110 kg
Positioner weight: approx. 110 kg
Max. load capacity data: 500 kg
Torque: 100 Nm
Handwheel with handle O 200 mm
Movement: manual
Gear ratio: 1:73
Axis of rotation: horizontal
Beam U-Shape Compatibility: System 16
Max. U-Shape beam length: 1,500 mm
A - Working height: 850 mm
B - Tower height: 955 mm
C - Total height: 1,083 mm
D - Width of the base plate: 500 mm
E - Length of the base plate: 400 mm
Product description

• Rapid orientation of workpiece
• Optimum ergonomic positioning offers maximum productivity
• One set-up for rotating
• Reduced down time

• Highest work performance by comfortable working
• Back-friendly working for the user

• Improved quality through proper welding position (flat position)
• Improved quality through optimal working position

• Force transmission through a bearing with integrated gear
• Drive manually via hand wheel
• Universal flange for clamping of Siegmund U- Squares

• Safe stand by flat foot with the possibility of ground anchoring
• Clamping of components on Siegmund U-Squares

* Octagonal tables and U-squares are not included in delivery.