Air Purifiers VisionAir Blue Line Microbe Free

Systems, manufactured by the Dutch company Euromate, for purification and sterilization of indoor air.
Common Characteristics

The systems remove all forms of pollution from the air. Three filters have the clean task of keeping the air clean and the living and working area healthy. The MicrobeFree filter package purifies bacteria and viruses, aerosols and (fine) dust, mercury, porcelain and ceramic particles, vapours, chemical disinfectants, unpleasant odours, etcetera..These harmful particles can float everywhere, especially in hospitals, dental practices and nurseries.

- Filters up to 99% of the pollution from the air.
- Capacity of VisionAir Blue Line 1 Microbe Free - for rooms up to 65 m2
- Capacity of VisionAir Blue Line 2 Microbe Free - for rooms up to 130 m2


The VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree contains a unique system that cleans the indoor air in three stages:

Phase 1: the pre-filter Blue Line catches the larger particles of dust and other polluting things such as pieces of metal, porcelain, etcetera.

Phase 2: the HM Blue Line filter removes air pollution to the smallest fractions such as finedust. Particles are captured by the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter.

Phase 3: the AC (Activated Carbon) Pleated post-filter eliminates the odours. In addition, it also reduces all kinds of smoke and vapours.
Finally, the Silver Ion filter and UV-C light have been added to inactivate bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19, proven by TNO and VTT). Silver ion emitted from this filters kills bacteria and controls growth of other microbes. UV-C Light -the radiation warps the DNA of viruses such as COVID-19 so it is no longer able to replicate itself.

Aerosols will be filtered in every phase depending on the size.