Mobile system PLYM MobileGoPlus

Mobile system MobileGoPlus with KUA 3m.
Common Characteristics
The MobileGo is a mobile welding fume filter with an
extraction arm and a built-in fan. It contains a disposable
filter package. Thanks to the four transport wheels (two
of which are swivel casters), the MobileGo is suitable for
use in relatively small facilities or near sources of
pollution without a fixed location.

The unit is available in two versions:
• MobileGo
with a hose tube arm (EconomyArm) and a filter surface of 15 sq.m
• MobileGo plus
with a metal tube arm (KUA) and a filter surface of 26 sq.m
Technical Data
Dimensions(LxWxH)1100 x 725 x 730  mm
Weight100  kg
Filter surface area26  m2
Connection voltage230/ 50  V/Hz
Power consumption:1.1  kW
Noise level67  dB
Air volume850  m3/h