Mobile system PLYM MobileGoPlus

Mobile system MobileGoPlus with KUA 3m.
Common Characteristics
The MobileGoPlus is always combined with a KUA extraction arm. The KUA arm is the number 1 choice of our customers. The MobileGoPlus is a basic extractor for welding applications. The filter capacity of the MobileGoPlus is almost double of the standard model, namely 26m2.The MobileGoPlus is recommended when you use 2 coils of solid welding wire or 15 kg of welding electrodes per month.
Technical Data
Dimensions(LxWxH)800 x 1200 x 2250  mm
Weight85.5  kg
Filter surface area26  m2
Connection voltage230/ 50  V/Hz
Power consumption:1.1  kW
Noise level67  dB
Air volume850  m3/h