Welding fume extractor PLYM WallPro Single

Self-cleaning welding fume extractor WallPro Single
Common Characteristics
The WallPro Basic is a stationary welding fume filter including fan. The highly efficient filter cartridge is automatically cleaned by the integrated RamAir™ pulse amplifier, based on external compressed air supply.Unlike most similar stationary filter units, filter cleaning also takes place offline, which is much more effective than the usual online.
Technical Data
Fan capacity2500  m3/h
Extraction capacity1000  m3/h
Power consumption1.1  kW
Connection voltage400  V
Noise level67  dB
Weight125  kg
Dimensions(LxWxH)850x750x1400  mm
Filter area20  m2
Efficiency of filter99.5  %
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications