SCS system Plymovent Diluter Pro

The SCS-Diluter system is a stand alone general filtration system, developed to reduce and control the background concentration of welding fumes in a workshop.
Common Characteristics
• The blue haze of welding fumes, caused by the risen fumes that concentrate between four and six meters above the floor, is continuously mixed with clean air injected by nozzles.
• You and your personnel immediately see that the blue haze disappears.
• The injection of clean air is done by filtered air from the workshop, completely adaptable in volume and direction to your situation.
• The background concentration is kept under control by continuously cleaning workshop air.
• Filter is cleaned automatically and residue is collected in a dustbin.
• The fan speed is controlled and adaptable to need by a frequency inverter. This saves energy, expands filter life and ensures a constant and reliable performance.
Technical Data
Connection voltage400V/3-фазно / 50Hz  V
Noise level<70 dB(A)  dB
Weight800 kg  kg
Filter area2x 75 m2 
Fan7,5 kW (10 HP)  kW
Nominal current13.9 А  A
Protection class IP54 
Inner diameter (fan)ф401  mm
Outer diameter (fan)ф501  mm
Revolutions2920  Rpm