Stationary Filter Unit Plymovent DualGoPlus

DualGo plus stationary filter unit with two METAL tube arms.
Common Characteristics
The DualGo is a stationary welding fume filter with two extraction arms and an integrated fan.
It contains a disposable filter package.

The unit is available in two versions:
• DualGo
with two hose tube arms (EconomyArm); various lengths
• DualGo plus
with two metal tube arms (KUA); various lengths

- switch box with rotary switch 0-1 to control the fan
- fan outlet transition from rectangular to round O 250 mm
Technical Data
Dimensions(LxWxH)1100x633x746  mm
Weight160  kg
Filter surface area25  m2
Connection voltage400/50  V/Hz
Power consumption:2,2  kW
Air volume1700  m3/h