Stationary Filter Unit Plymovent DualGoPlus

DualGoPlus stationary filter unit with two METAL tube arms.
Common Characteristics

The DualGoLinePlus of Plymovent is a range of welding fume extractors that provide effective protection against exposure to welding fume at workplaces where welding is less intensive. All DualGo models have a powerful fan, large filter and are designed to have both extraction arms in operation at the same time. DualGoLinePlus models are suitable for light and regular welding applications.

Note: * Weight of 169 kg excl. 2 m arms.

Technical Data
Fan speed2800  rpm
Extraction capacity1700  m3/h
Power consumption2.2  kW
Connection voltages400  V
Noise level79  dB
Packing dimensions80 x 120 x 135  cm
Arms2  m
HEPA filter surface26  m2
HEPA filter efficiency99.5  %