® Hydraulic Press Brake Dener PUMA XL CNC for Elprom Trafo CH - Kyustendil

The company "ELPROM TRAFO CH" PLC, Kyustendil, trusted Kammarton Bulgaria for the supply of new equipment, its commissioning and the training of operators. “Elprom Trafo” manufactures the full range of oil immersed distribution transformers with rated power from 25 kVA up to 5 000 kVA and special type of transformers, such as: ground transformers, transformers for wind generators, transformers for photo-voltaic stations, transformers with voltage step regulators and mono phase transformers.

DENER Puma XL 3020x135

The purchased model DENER Puma XL 3020x135 (PX 30315) is a synchronized 5-axis hydraulic press brake with 3D graphic CNC controller ESA 675W and offers easy operation, easy machine setup and automatic bending sequence calculation. The advanced design increases the working speeds, stroke, side hole depth and bending capacity, and the bending results are of the highest precision.

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