® Hydraulic Press Brake Dener PUMA XL CNC for Energomontazh-RR - Razgrad

Energomontazh-RR trusted Kammarton Bulgaria for the delivery of new equipment, its commissioning and training of operators. The company specializes in the construction and installation, reconstruction and repair of energy, industrial and domestic gasification sites, oil pipelines, stations and equipment for them.

DENER PUMA XL is a synchronized hydraulic press brake with a 3D Grahical CNC controller and offers simple operation, quick and easy 3D or numerical part programming easy setup of the machine, and auto calculation of the bend sequence. Dener PUMA XL CNC Press Brakes are born with the goal to be flexible, reliable, and advanced bending machines. Dener utilizes the most stringent manufacturing technologies during production to manufacture the highest quality machines. Based on proven design,Dener has increased working speeds, stroke, daylight, and pressing capacities of Puma XL machines.