® Kammarton Bulgaria delivered and installed a SAPPHIRE 3D bevel cutting machine with a CNC controller

KAMMARTON BULGARIA is pleased to present the last portal machine installed in Bulgaria, manufactured by Eckert Cutting Technologies, Poland for our client Sandy 95.

SAPPHIRE 3D is an industrial class machine for plasma and gas-oxygen cutting, meeting the high expectations of our client.

The installed configuration includes:

  • SAPPHIRE 3D bevel cutting machine with a CNC controller mounted on a movable arm with an 18” monitor, for more flexibility and convenience,
  • Additional extras ensuring trouble-free operation in all seasons - FROST anti-freeze system and TROPICAL system.

The SAPPHIRE 3D machine is equipped with an automatic gas console that delivers the right amount of gas to the torch for a smooth and stable cutting process. It features GCE's innovative gas burner - Fit+3 with capacitive distance sensor and automatic ignition, ensuring unsurpassed cutting quality.
In terms of plasma cutting, the SAPPHIRE 3D machine is equipped with a VORTEX bevel plasma head and a high-speed automatic calibration system. A latest generation Hypertherm-XPR300 plasma power source is provided.
The ESP 600 system for cutting pipes with a length of 6 m is an additional positive for the machine.
Safety is not forgotten - it is guaranteed by means of light barriers..

With Eckert Cutting Technologies' SAPPHIRE 3D machine, we have no doubt that the client will achieve his goals and will multiply his productivity when solving more complex tasks requiring various operations.

With your success, we build our common future. You can count on us!

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