® Kammarton Bulgaria delivered and installed an ECKERT CNC machine for the company Angel Stoilov 96

Kammarton Bulgaria has successfully completed a project for delivery, installation and commissioning of a CNC portal cutting machine, model SAPPHIRE of the Polish company Eckert.

The machine configuration includes:

  • Work area measuring 3x12 m
  • 3 gas-oxygen torches, each with a top-of-the-line automatic gas console. This allows all three torches to cut material up to 200mm thick at the same time.
  • CNC controller with movable arm. Placing the controller on a movable arm provides exceptional operator comfort and safety, allowing the operator to monitor the cutting process while operating the controller.
  • Additional Y-axis motors for independent control of each of the torches. When using 2 or more gas torches, the use of the auxiliary motor eliminates set-up time and possible errors, as this is preset on the CNC controller.

We thank for the trusting the company Angel Stoilov 96, a leader in the field of trade in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The success and satisfaction of the client is our goal and the key to long-lasting partner relations!

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