Demolition robot BROKK 900

Common Characteristics
The standard Brokk 900 comes with the option of two different hydraulic breakers, both of which are more powerful than the breaker on the predecessor Brokk 800.
? BHB 1500: A 1500 kg breaker for the absolutely hardest materials. Paired with the hydraulic power of the Brokk 900, this delivers a phenomenal punch in each blow. Excellent for breaking really hard rock.
? BHB 1300: A slightly lighter breaker for maximum productivity in heavy concrete demolition. When not breaking tough granite rock, the higher blow frequency and more nimble size of this breaker will maximize the production rate.
Of course, like with all Brokk robots, it is easy to change between the breakers to make sure that you always have the optimal attachment for the job.
The Brokk 900 Rotoboom is designed for maximum flexibility in applications where access and precision are more important than power. It has a 360-degree continuous boom rotation with smooth movements for maximum precision, it is heat protected for red-hot refractory work in metal plants, and it comes with Brokk’s patented heat-shielded hydraulic breaker.
Both Brokk 900 models come with the option of electric or diesel powertrain. The electric motor being the obvious choice for both lowest cost of operation and most environmentally friendly. However, the new diesel engine is not far behind, meeting the toughest emissions standards that exist today. It is compliant with both the USA standard EPA Tier 4 Final and the EU Stage V standard.
And finally, serviceability has also stepped up one notch for Brokk 900. Even though the machine is big, weighing in over 11 tons, it is designed to be serviced by one person. No heavy lifting needed.
Technical Data
Weight11400  kg
Minimum width2150  mm
Minimum height2545  mm
Engine power71  kW
Recommended max. Weight of the attachment1500  kg
Maximum vertical access with tool9.1  m
Maximum horizontal access with tool8.5  m
Noise level99  dB(A)
Freezing point-40  C
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications