Handheld Combi-Shears Darda

Cutting, breaking and expanding with one unit.

HCS8 C - Shear & Expander
HCS8 S - Sickle blade
HCS8 B - Brick jaw
HCS8 J - Concrete jaw
Common Characteristics
The Combi - Shears are equipped with updated shears and jaw sets and are especially designed for inside demolition jobs. They are available in four different versions based on a modular system - one main body with four interchangeable tools.

A complete Combi - Shears unit consists of one or more Combi- Shears, high and low pressure hoses and also a hydraulic power unit.

The Combi - Shears are an optimal complement to the Darda Splitters. They can both be connected to a Darda hydraulic power unit.

• Accurately breaks concrete and massonry.
• Separates a wide range of materials.
• Cuts metal, cables, Wood, metal sections, iron rods, etc.
• Capeable of many demolition Jobs inside buildings.
• Performs virtually free of vibration.
• Nearly dust and noise free.
• Light and easy to handle.
• Quick and productive.

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