Hydraulic Power Units Darda

Hydraulic power units with a variety of drive systems are available for different applications and requirements. They can produce up to 50 Mpa (500 bar) maximum system pressure. All Splitters and Combi-Shears of Darda can be combined with each of our Hydraulic power units. The high-quality hydraulic hose sets are designed for tough operating conditions.

D4, D4 E
Common Characteristics
• Robust and reliable
• Flexible usage
• Easy handling
• Two-stage pump (low pressure and high pressure)
• Oil filter in return line
• Oil filler neck with sieve
• Portable
• Mobile due to transport wheels and extendable handle bar
• Manifold block with pressure gage
• Oil level indicator with temperature display
• Connection of three devices possible
• Possibility of securing against start-up by third parties (accident prevention)
• Complies with Directive 2000/14/EC (noise emission)

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