Electric Rebar Shears Sima CEL Range

CEL shears - reference in the market for cutting rebar: a range of four models with the highest performance for heavy duty cutting jobs.
Reliable, strong and durable. Highly resistant thanks to its cast-iron monoblock machined chassis. Excellent output in intensive rebar jobs, able to work more than 8 hours daily at construction sites or at rebar workshops.
Specially recommended for rental fleets as high profitability, low maintenance running costs and durability, allowing long-term rentals.
Single-phase 230V motor version available for model CEL 36 P, which allows operation without a three phase electric supply from mains or gensets.
Common Characteristics
Features and benefits
• Interchangeable 4 faced long life cutting blades (set of 2 pcs.)
• Magneto-thermic ON/OFF switch
• Oil bathed trapezoidal and Helicoidal gears for heavy duty
• High end quality bearings
• Safety shield, fast and easy to use
• Heavy cast-iron monoblock chassis
• Inner components tempered for extended working life.
• Lifting hook for easy transportation and shifting.