Graco GrindLazer GRACO
Common Characteristics

GrindLazer  is ideal for removing road marking, thermoplastic material, epoxy coating and smoothing uneven surfaces.  GrindLazer  is the contractor's choice for all scraping tasks, including parking markings,  junction marks, construction zones and pavement trimming.

With the additional LineDriver system, performance is unmatched and means that more work can be done every day without walking fatigue.

Exceptional features of the Graco scarifier:

  • Vibration Reduction Technology - the combination of pneumatic tires, comfortable handles, trolley design, similar to LineLazer, help eliminate vibrations, reducing user fatigue.
  • DialDown depth control system - "cutting forward" precision cutting depth with multi-position control.
  • TriBelt Drive Design - 3-point belt design optimizes power transmission and workload at maximum load to eliminate costly downtime.
  • ProStart High Performance System - Centrifugal Clutch allows easy start and stop of knives. It also makes it easy to start in cold weather, removes rebound particles and ensures longer strap life.
  • Fat Track Front Wheel - The proven front-wheel drive system makes turning fast and easy, better cornering, no need to use muscle power while it's moving.
  • The EasyGlide wheel mounting system, fitted with a front wheel, together with double rear tires, make the job safe and maneuver easily, as with LineLazer.
  • Compatible with LineDriver: Higher productivity, more straightforward application and removal of marking with less fatigue. Why go? The patented LineDriver or LineDriver HD provides the most innovative, easy-to-use systems with an operator platform for professionally removing markings in the industry.

Knife Options:
 - 12-point beam, steel
 -  8-point tungsten carbide plate
 -  8-point tungsten carbide knife
 -  6-point tungsten carbide cutter

GrindLazer 270 GrindLazer 390 GrindLazer 630
Motor engine - cc (HP) Honda 270 cm (9) Honda 390 cm (13) Vanguard 630 cm (21)
Removal rate (walk) – m²/hr 55 75 0
Removal rate (ride - LineDriver) – m²/hr 120 160 195
Max. cut width – cm 20 25 25
Weight – kg 135 140 154

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications