Allpurpose Machine Schwamborn ES 420 DUO

ES 420 DUO 230V/50 Hz, 850 mm Schwamborn
Common Characteristics
ES 420 and ES 420 duo – Allpurpose machine
The right solution for daily cleaning tasks like scrubbing, carpet shampooing and polishing. The gear drive with an integrated overload clutch gives extra safety during operation.
Scrubbing, carpet cleaning, polishing, spray cleaning, dust collection.
DOC-Drive overload clutch
Gear drive resin (ES 420GGG with metal gear drive)
Two speed solution ES 420 duo 140/280 r.p.m.
Central water feed
Off set mounted motor for more convinient operation
Technical Data
Engine1200/1800  W
Turns per minute144/288  rpm
Working width406/420  mm
Weight43.5  kg
Noise level58  dB(A)
Torque53/43  Nm
Pressure on the brush60  g/cm2
Guide rod length850  mm
Frequency50  Hz
Power supply230  V
Power supply cord12  m
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications