Floor Screed Pump EstrichBoy EC 450

EC 450 with electric motor 30 kW, 50 Hz.
For conventional semi-dry floor screed with different binder additives such as cement, anhydrite, etc.
Common Characteristics
The EC 450 with electric motor offers advantages, in particular for the urban environment. The silent electric motor has no emissions itself and makes the EstrichBoy one of the most environment-friendly screed conveyors in Europe. The simple, reasonable "refuelling" (i.e. charging) at the socket also lowers operating costs by up to 30% compared to a diesel-operated machine.
Technical Data
Motor400/50  V/Hz
Power30  kW
Compressor4.38  m3/min
Output3.8  m3/h
Delivery range - wide120  m
Delivery range - high60  m
Filling height900  mm
Chassis80  km/h
Length х width х height4800 x 1580 x 1550  mm
Weight1600  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications