Polyurethane Adhesive QS Adhesivos Plastipol 444

Waterproof monocomponent polyurethane adhesive.
Common Characteristics
PLASTIPOL 444 is a monocomponent polyurethane adhesive for wood, with high adhesive power and excellent resistance to water. PLASTIPOL 444 is a very versatile adhesive which can be used to bond a big variety of materials: all types of wood and particle or fiberboards, stratified materials, plastics (melamine, polyester, etc, except polyethylene and polypropylene), “formica”, cement, concrete, steel, plaster, ceramic materials,
rigid foams, etc; between each other or to other substrates.
Suitable for manufacturing of windows, doors, formwork, bonding of pedestals on raised floor.
Highly recommended for the ship-building industry.

Professional quality.
100% solid, totally solvent-free
Easy to use.
Quick drying.
Waterproof (DIN-EN-204).
Foaming action.
May be used on wet wood.
Suitable for a big variety of materials.

Composition: Polyurethane
Appearance: Dense liquid
Colour: Brown
Packaging: 750 gr bottle, 25 kg containers