Coated Abrasives EKAMANT 610х50 P080 Е paper

Coated Abrasives E- paper (RKEO) on 610 mm width
Common Characteristics
RKEO is a general purpose product suitable for a wide range of applications and materials.
The efficient and durable aluminium oxide grit together with the robust paper backing enables high material removal rate and fine surface finishing of hardwood and softwood in all grit ranges.
Multipurpose sanding material for various kinds of material.
Enables high stock removal rates.
Very good for light grinding of stainless steel and aluminium parts.
Provides long product lifetime and scratch-free surface when used for leather sanding.
Technical Data
BaseЕ хартия / E paper 
AbrasiveАлуминиев окис / Aluminium Oxide 
StructureЕкстра отворена / Extra Open 
LifeMного дълъг / Very Long 
StabilityВисока - Средна / High - Medium 

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