Coated Abrasives EKAMANT 610х50 P120 F paper

Coated Abrasives F- paper (ЕКА1000-F) on 610 mm width
Common Characteristics
EKA 1000 F is a general purpose product suitable for a wide range of applications and materials.
The efficient and durable aluminium oxide grit together with the robust paper backing enables high material removal rate and fine surface finishing of hardwood and softwood in all grit ranges.

The Predust antistatic treatment together with an open coat grit distribution reduce clogging to a minimum, improving the lifetime of the product and contributes to a minimized dust load on the sanding surface.
Multipurpose sanding material for various wood applications.
High material removal rate in coarse grit sizes when sanding softwood and hardwood.
Suitable for sanding stainless steel and aluminium sheets and coils.
Long belt lifetime and excellent surface finish when sanding leather.
Technical Data
EKA 1000 
F хартия 
Алуминиев окис 

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