Pneumatic Stapler Josef Kihlberg JK24-690

For staples JK690 / 12-25 mm
Common Characteristics
Stapler JK24-690 is a pneumatic, Swedish-manufactured very effective professional tool for the furniture industry. The JK24-690 has a negligible recoil, low weight and good balance. The magazine is loaded from the top, preventing accidental firing in the direction of the operator’s face during loading. The design of the nose enables high-precision stapling. The long nose has a pivoting door that can be easily opened when cleaning is required.
The design of the nose allows nailing in confined spaces and in slots and grooves. The stapler has a low noise level thanks to an effective muffler. If a tool for shorter leg lengths is needed, we recommend the JK20-690.

Application: This single-shot tool is suitable for nailing boards on the backs of cabinet furnishings, bookshelves and drawer bottoms. Stapling of slide rails is another area of application.
Technical Data
Article Number126167 
Series StaplesJK690 
Staples Sizes4.7 x 0.7 x 0.9  mm
Staples Length12 - 19  mm
Nose Length20  mm
Air Consumption per Stroke at 6 bar0.38  lit
Recommended Working Presure5 - 6  bar
Max. Air Preasure7  bar
Length / Width / Heigth230 x 43 x 188  mm
Weight1.1  kg