SDS-Plus МX4 drill bit Milwaukee, 16x250x310 mm

Drill bit for reinforced concrete МX4 SDS-Plus, 16x250x310 mm
Common Characteristics
- Symmetrical 4 cutter geometry (4x90degrees) Perfect round holes for optimal anchor fitting;
- 4 flute geometry. The high volume 4 flute geometry ensures the optimum removal of dust and debris;
- Centering tip for easy spot drilling with pinpoint accuracy;
- Welded solid carbide tip on diameter 5-8 mm. Allows for wider flute entrance leading to increased speed. More carbide leads to a higher durability of the tip and higher lifetime;
- 4 breaker points pulverize material more efficiently for faster drilling;
- Enhanced rebar guards for an improved resistance when hitting rebar;
- New variable flute design. Thin flute at the tip for maximum debris extraction, higher speed and less friciton. Thick flute at the base for higher stability and reduced bit breakage. Up to 20% more holes per battery charge vs 4 cutter drill bit in concrete and vs. previous generation.