Electric Parts Cleaner WD-40 Specialist ® 400 ml

WD-40 Specialist® Electric Parts Cleaner is designed to support you in cleaning sensitive electric components/parts safely, easily, and quickly for optimal performance of equipment. It effectively removes surface contaminants even in hard-to-reach places with no residue. It is certified 50-state VOC compliant and safe for use on most plastics*, rubber, and metal.
Common Characteristics

Ideal for drones, 3D printers, printed circuit boards, electric motors, fans, male-end charge cords, HDMI connectors, game controllers, and more. Removes over 95% of common surface contaminants for optimal performance**.


Works and dries quickly with no messy residue, removing oil, dirt, and grease from sensitive electric parts. Patented Smart Straw Sprays 2 Ways® — up for stream with pinpoint precision and down for a wider spray and reach.


Safe for use on most plastics*, rubber, and metals including copper, steel. It is also 50-state VOC compliant. NSF Listed K2 certified.

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