Presto Contact Cleaner 400 ml

Presto Contact Cleaner is a high-quality cleaner that ensures long-lasting conductivity for contacts.
For use on: Car and motorbike wiring and contacts, Bicycles, Print boards, electrical circuits, printing plates, contacts, plugs, TV, radio, tools, stereos.Basis: Aliphatic Hydrocarbons with alcohol. Art № 306192
Common Characteristics
Powerful cleaner without leaving a residue
Removes dirt and oxidation
Moisture repellent
Corrosion protection
Non corrosive
Excellent adhesion
Non conductive
Powerful, directed jet spray
This product has a special cap containing a tube and a spray head, which can be used to reach tricky places
Sprayable from any angle due to a special 360° valve.
TRG 300 compliant

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