Loctite EA 3471 A+B Hysol S1 2х250g

Common Characteristics
2-part, grey, non-sagging, steel reinforced epoxy repair putty that cures to a metal-like finish and can be machined, drilled, tapped or filed. Typical applications include repairing non-structural defects in castings, making jigs and fixtures, sealing vessels, tanks and valves, resurfacing worn air seals and filling cavitated areas.

Cures to a metal-like finish
Superior adhesion on metal surfaces
Bonds well to all metal substrates
Will not sag or shrin
Technical Data
Type2K Epoxy 
Mix ratio by weight1:1 
Fixture time180  min
Shear strength (GBMS)20  N/mm2
Compressive strength70  N/mm2
Service temperature range-20 +120  °C
Working life45  min
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications