Loctite EA 3479 A+B - 2х250g Hysol НТА

Metal Set HTA
Common Characteristics
LOCTITE® EA 3479 is an aluminum filled, two component epoxy adhesive that is ideal for the repair and recovery of worn and damaged machinery. Typical applications include repairing worn parts such as shafts, housings, keyways and flanges as well as broken or damaged parts such as castings, pipes or fabrications. This product can be used for jobs as varied as filling cavities, levelling machinery, repairing cast-steel plates, making core moulds, applying a sacrificial coating or sealing leaking pipes. This product is typically used in applications with an operating range of -20 °C to +190 °C.
Technical Data
Type2K Epoxy 
Mix ratio by weight1:1 
Fixture time150  min
Shear strength (GBMS)20  N/mm2
Compressive strength90  N/mm2
Service temperature range-20 +190  °C
Working life40  min
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications