SUPERIOR METAL Loctite ЕА 3478 А+В (А 403gr + В 50gr)

Rebuilds worn parts fast - limits downtime.
Common Characteristics
LOCTITE EA 3478™ is a two-part ferro-silicon filled, 100% solid epoxy resin system. It is ideal for restoring parts worn by mechanical impact and/or corrosion. Typical applications are restoring tolerances to worn shafts, repairing worn keyways, repairing damaged housings, filling pitted surfaces in worn machinery, and restoring fit to bearing housings.
Technical Data
Type2K Epoxy 
Mix ratio by weight7.25:1 
Fixture time180  min
Shear strength (GBMS)17  N/mm2
Compressive strength125  N/mm2
Service temperature range-30 +120  °C
Working life20  min
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications