Sprayer GRACO GX

The GX21 design has been optimised for interior renovation and new construction for family house paint jobs.
Common Characteristics
The GX21 features a convenient, easy to carry frame allowing to spray paint directly out of the bucket, making it the ideal wall paint unit. It is outfitted with Graco's ProXChange Pump Replacement System for fast on – the - job pump repair.
The GX21 allows every professional to reap the benefits of AIRLESS Painting.
Speed and efficiency: finish your jobs faster.
Uniform application : apply an even layer of paint on every surface in 1 pass.
Ideal for renovation and new construction family house painting.
Finish every job, every day thanks to ProXChange™ fast pump replacement system.
Compact, light weight and easy to use.

The GXFF is the fast, portable and affordable solution for small finishing jobs that every finishing contractor encounters.
Introducing the newest portable and affordable solution for fine finish spraying - Pro-X airless piston pump technology. Airless technology in the GXFF combines Graco's proven piston with the RAC X Fine Finish SwitchTip to quickly lay down a smooth finish. The GXFF features the ProXChange Pump, the fast and easy on – the - job pump replacement - no tools required.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications