Screwdrivers Milwaukee, Tri-Lobe

Screwdriver set in box, 12 pcs
Common Characteristics
-Comfortable Tri-Lobe handle optimized for maximum user comfort and high torque applications;
- Permanent visible ID markings allows for quick tool identification;
- Landyard hole for easy attachment to a safety system;
- Hardened magnetic tips for maximum durability and fastener retention;
- Anti role, 3 sided collar on the handle;
- Wrench ready shank allows extra leverage to be applied;
- Set contains:1 x PZ0x75 mm; 1 x PZ1x100 mm; 1 x PZ2x125 mm; 1 x PH0x75 mm; 1 x PH1x100 mm; 1 x PH2x125 mm; 1 x SL0.4x2.5x75 mm; 1 x SL0.8x4x100 mm; 1 x SL1.0x5.5x125 mm; 1 x SL1.2x6.5x45 mm; 1 x SL1.2x6.5x125 mm и 1 x SL1.2x8x150 mm.