Welding and Cutting Tractor PROMOTECH RAIL TUG

The Rail Tug is a digitally controlled tractor designed for the mechanization of welding and thermal cutting processes.
Common Characteristics
Featuring a rack and pinion drive system with electronic speed control, the Rail Tug creates weld bead geometry which is exact to your specifications, reducing costly over welding and decreasing filler metal usage.
It can be used with semi-flexible tracks for plate and tank work with a minimum radius of 5 m (16 ft) or adapted to bent ring rail for pipe and tube applications. Hi-Flex tracks are suitable for variety of circumferential and irregular surface applications down to minimum radius of 750 mm (30”). Standard ring tracks are available for tube diameters from 200 mm (8”) up to 3000 mm (10 ft), whereas custom rolled tracks can be used for tube diameters between 3 m (10 ft) and 10 m (32 ft). Using a vacuum system allows the tracks to be clamped to non-ferrous surfaces (stainless steel, aluminum etc.). The Rail Tug economically meets a broad array of welding and cutting applications on flat or curved plate, tube and pipe.

Trailer manufacturing
Truck tanks
Oil tanks
Water storage tanks
Pressure vessels
Bridge girders
Structural steel
Structural towers
Panel welding
Any application demanding long continuous welds

Primary features and benefits:
Compact, lightweight design
Closed-loop speed control system based on electric motor with encoder – ensures increased accuracy of speed
Rack and pinion drive
Consistent heat input reduces distortion
Reduces wasted filler metal – eliminates over welding
Digital LED display for presetting of travel speed
Automatic arc on/off initiates welding and travel simultaneously
Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting possible with optional accessories
Technical Data
Voltage230  V
Power66  W
Min. radius of curved workpiece surface750  mm
Horizontal speed10-200  cm/min
Vertical speed10-200  cm/min
Horizontal pulling force300  N
Vertical pulling force200  N
Torch diameter16-22  mm
Weight10  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications