Resistance Bench Spotwelder CEA BSW 50

BSW are suitable to build customised multispot welding equipment.
Common Characteristics
BSW bench welders, thanks to their reduced dimensions, are suitable to build customised multispot welding equipment.

BSW 50 and 100, thanks to their rigid structure, allow high quality projection welding.

• Upper head linear bearing driving system for very precise welding .
• Secondary circuit low impedance to grant high welding currents with low consumption.
• BSW 50 and 100, with a platens adjustable in height and fitted with T-slots, enable the quick assembly of barholders, electrodeholders and any dedicated tooling for a specific application.
• Safety cycle start by means of concomitant side buttons or, as alternative only if the operator can work in safe conditions, by electric pedal. Either option can be chosen by a selector with removable key
• Cycle stop emergency button
Technical Data
Single phase input50/60 Hz400  V
Nominal maximum power50  kVA
Max. welding power128  kVA
Installed power38  kVA
Cross section connecting cables25  mm2
Fuse(delayed action)100  A
Secondary voltage5.5  V
Secondary short circuit current29  kA
Max.welding current23.2  kA
Electrode force at 600kPa (6bar)6.4  kA
Electrode force at 600kPa (6bar)470  daN
Water consumption at 300kPa(3bar)7  l/min
Dimensions900x300x770  mm
Weight210  kg